About Winston Windings

Winston Windings Ltd was established in 1967 to cater for the specific needs of manufacturers of specialized high quality electronic equipment. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to be of one of England’s prime suppliers of coils, transformers and general electronic assemblies. It is now housed in its purpose built factory in Surrey where teams of professional engineers assist a large number of clients in designing, developing and producing high quality bespoke components to meet their precise requirements. All the processes are attended to entirely in England to manufacture truly British products.

Our business model is built around three essential elements: innovation, attention to detail and working as a partner with our clients. In today’s fast moving world, we fully understand the importance of innovation and are constantly researching on new ways to satisfy our clients’ needs. We take pride in paying a lot of attention to details in order to ensure that our clients are able to maintain the high quality of their products. And finally, our approach is to work with our clients in finding solutions to their problems. Our success is based on creating a family atmosphere in which our staff and clients work together to comprehensively define the particular specifications of coils, transformers and kindred assemblies needed as original parts by the clients for their own production.